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Speed Photography became official in June of 2011 in northern Minnesota. I first started taking photos at local Motocross tracks and since then have traveled all over the country shooting Motocross as well as Snocross. Over the years I have shot at over 30 different tracks, eight different sports, five different states, been features in several magazines as well as made the cover of newspapers and magazines. I have successfully held media passes to both Pro Motocross and Snocross events. There are several purposes to my business; one to help share the memories of each day that we live, two to help riders see their form and what they can improve on and three to help riders get noticed by sponsors. The long term business goal is to get together with two other photographers and a graphic designer to start a magazine featuring young amateur riders who have talent and determination to succeed in the sport of Motocross but do not have the money to go to the big name places to get noticed.

Speed Photography is still based out of Minnesota and travels with the District 23 Motocross Series and is willing to travel out of state upon request. Aside from shooting action sports, I do senior photos as well as weddings. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email; speedphotographybysamantha@hotmail.com.


Samantha Laderer; Owner and Photographer


Please note that all photos on this website are copyrighted to Speed Photography. If you choose to screen clip and/or screen shot the images off of this website, you are therefore violating all copyright laws and will be handled with accordingly. All photos are available for purchase; print and downloads.